Facility guide

Our facilities can fully accommodate a variety of meetings and events.

We have selected optimal equipment to go with each conference room, while offering both ample personal space and adequate seating capacity. To enable common use of video and audio throughout the facility, we have prepared both equipment and spaces to handle a variety of meetings and events, including ones that use the entire facility.

  • Original desks and chairs

    We also provide original two-person desks that are 50cm deep and 150cm wide, as well as chairs with wide seats and casters. We have created an environment that allows participants to maintain their concentration even during long meetings.

  • Tablet-operated devices

    We have also prepared dedicated tablets that allow users to change video and lighting scenes and adjust mic volume. You can easily operate them at hand.

  • Simultaneous translation booths

    There are also permanent simultaneous translation booths, two in the AIR and one in the Amphitheater. We also make arrangements for interpreters as well as for equipment needed for simultaneous interpreting.

  • Sharing of audio and video

    You can transmit video and audio on the screen in the main hall to satellite halls. In “the AIR” and “the Amphitheater” you can also transmit HD camera video.

  • High-speed Internet connections

    In the conference room we have created an Internet connection environment via business lines. We have also provided a pleasant WiFi environment in the lounge and other common areas.

  • Smooth guard lines and security

    The 3F Boardroom has been designed for the use of VIPs. Arriving in cars in B1F, they can access it via a dedicated elevator. A motion flow of high level security is ensured.