Frequently Asked Questions

Shown below are frequently asked questions from customers in the form of Q & A.

About reservations

I would like to confirm which rooms are available. Can I do it on the website?

The status of available rooms is not listed on the website. Please inquire by phone or email or use our inquiry form. (TEL:03-5575-2201)

Usage guidelines


How should I apply for a reservation?

All you have to do is request a “usage application” by email or fax. A staff member will send you the application form directly, so please be patient.

Usage guidelines

How many years in advance can you reserve?
As a general rule we accept reservations through the following year. (Every year on April 1 we announce our schedule for April 1 of the following year to March 31of the year after next.)
What time period is possible for a tentative reservation?
The time period for a tentative reservation is one week from the day the temporary reservation is received.
Do you charge a cancellation fee for the cancellation of a tentative reservation?

We do not charge a cancellation fee when a tentative reservation is cancelled.

Usage guidelines

When do you start charging a cancellation fee?

Upon receiving a usage application we consider that a contract is concluded. If there is a cancellation after the contract is concluded, a set cancellation fee is charged.

Usage rules

How many minutes before the reservation time can we enter the room?

As a general rule we ask guests to enter the room at the reserved time, but if you have a particular reason, you may enter the room 10 minutes ahead of the reserved time. If you enter before that time, please be aware that an extra room entrance fee will be charged.

Usage fee

Is it possible to do a preliminary inspection of the venue?

If it is a date and time when no other clients using the venue you can view it at any time. We will advise you on the status of empty rooms so please feel free to ask.


Fees and business hours

Are fees different for weekdays and holidays?

The usage fee does not change depending on the day of the week.

What is your payment method?

After the contract is concluded we will send you an invoice for the deposit (the total fee for the use of the venue). Please transfer your deposit in the designated bank account. After the event we will send you an invoice for usage fees other than the deposit.

Usage guidelines

Can I use a credit card?

As a rule payment is by bank deposit, but it is also possible to pay by credit card so please consult with us.

Is it possible to use the venue late in the evening or early in the morning?

Yes, it is possible, but please be award that additional fees are charged for late evening or early morning hours. Also at these times the routes for entering and leaving the building are different from normal. Please ask our staff for details.

Usage guidelines


Access and surrounding area information

What is the route from the nearest train station?

Go out the No. 9 exit from Tameike-sanno subway Station on the Tokyo Metro Ginza and Namboku lines and turn right at the Tameike Intersection. Enter the building from the first floor entrance. Also an underground passage from the same station leads directly to the venue. From the No. 14 exit you can enter the building barrier-free from the B1F entrance. Also Tameike-sanno Station has connecting passageways with the Kokkai-gijidomae subway Station on the Tokyo Metro Chiyoda and Marunouchi lines.

Access map

What is the closest JR station?

◇JR Yamanote Line, Keihin Tohoku Line and others: The nearest subway station Tameike-sanno is the second stop and three minutes from Shimbashi Station via the Ginza Line.
◇JR Chuo Line: The nearest subway station Kokkai-gijidomae is the second stop and three minutes from Yotsuya Station via the Namboku Line.

Access map

Are there any convenience stores nearby?

There is a Lawson store on B1F of Akasake Intercity AIR.
Note: It is closed on Sundays and holidays so on those days please use neighborhood convenience stores.

Shop List

I would like to eat lunch so can you recommend any restaurants?

There are restaurants and coffee shops on 1F and B1F of Akasaka Intercity AIR.

Shop List

Regarding Equipment and Facilities

Will Internet access be available at the venues?
Free Internet, including Wi-Fi service, will be available at all the venues.
Can we ask for the venue to set up the chairs, desks and other furnishings?
Please rest assured that we will be responsible for basic venue set up. If you have any questions, please consult with us during the pre-event briefing.
Are any procedures required when entering the venues? Do we need to return the layout to the original status?
There is no need for a signature when entering or exiting the venues, but when going in or out, please do make yourself known to the reception staff on the third floor. After using the venue, there is no need to return the layout back to how it was before you used it.
Is there an additional fee for bringing in equipment and furnishings?
As a general rule there are no restrictions on bringing in equipment or furnishings. There is also no additional fees required. Please rest assured that we will assist you in connecting the equipment you bring in to the facility of the venues. However, in the case of extremely heavy items or items that use extremely large amounts of electricity, confirmation will be required. Please consult with us in advance.
We require simultaneous interpreters, but can this be arranged?
Please consult with us in advance as it is possible for us to arrange interpreters and simultaneous interpretation equipment. In some venues simultaneous translation booths are available.

Food and drink service

Are food and drink available in the venue?
Yes they are.
Is it possible to bring box lunches and drinks into the venue?

We ask organizers to refrain from bringing food and drinks into the venue. We provide various types of food and drink services so please feel free to use them. If you have special circumstances regarding food and drinks, please consult with us ahead of time. We do not place restrictions on event participants who bring their own food and drinks into the venue.

We would like you to make catering arrangements, but is that possible?

We will make arrangements as you request, including for box lunches, drinks and social gatherings.

Arrangement services

I would like to hold a social gathering, but do you have a sample menu?

We provide a sample menu as an example. We can propose an optimal made-to-order plan depending on your budget and purpose so please feel free to consult us.

Arrangement services

Other questions

Is it possible to set up a reception outside the meeting room?
There are possible locations so please consult with our staff ahead of time. Some meeting rooms have dedicated receptions.
I would like to output data and make copies of materials on the day of the event, but is that possible?
We have a copy corner near the 3F reception counter. Please ask the staff about using it (for a fee).
What should we do about trash in the meeting room?
Please use the trash baskets in the meeting room. We would like the organizers to carry away any large amounts of trash.
I would like to advance ship packages to be used on the day of the event. Is that possible?

Yes, it’s possible. Please ship indicating that packages are to arrive at the venue the day before so that we can prepare the meeting room on the day of the event. Please note that we cannot receive packages sent C.O.D.

Arrangement services

If we use the venue on consecutive days is it all right to leave belongings in the venue?
Other than valuables it’s all right to leave belongings in the venue.
Where is the staff located?
They are permanently stationed in the 3F conference office. When you use the venue please feel free to call on the 3F reception staff. Also please call them on the internal phones you have been loaned.
Do you have a cloakroom?
There are no permanent cloakrooms in the conference rooms. The closest coin lockers are those in the Tokyo Metro Tameike-sanno Station.
Are there smoking areas in the venue?
There are two smoking areas, in each of the 3rd and the 4th floors of Akasaka Intercity Conference Center.