AccessCarry In/Carry Out Information

An application must be submitted in advance if you wish to bring equipment into AICC.

Carry-in/carry-out route

  1. Step 1

    Submit your application

    Fill out all of the required information on the "Temporary Carry-In/Carry-Out Application" and submit it to Akasaka Intercity Conference Center staff at least seven days in advance.
    【Temporary Carry-In/Carry-Out Application (Excel)】

    You will be issued two Temporary Carry-In/Carry-Out Permits (one to be displayed on the vehicle and one to show at the reception desk). On the day that you will perform carry-in/carry-out, place the permit on your front windshield and drive into the parking area (B2 floor). * You will not be able to enter the unloading parking area if you do not have the Temporary Carry-In/Carry-Out Permit.

    Requests and important information

    • Please note that if the information on the Temporary Carry-In/Carry-Out Application is incorrect, your carry-in/carry-out request may not be accepted.
    • If any construction work needs to be performed, please submit construction diagrams, as well. The diagrams will be checked against the contents of the Temporary Carry-In/Carry-Out Application.
    • Maximum vehicle height: 3.2 m/ Maximum vehicle length: 6.7 m/ Maximum vehicle width: 2.4 m ※Some parking bays only accommodate vehicles up to 2.9 m tall. Take care when parking.
    • Enter the carry-in and carry-out times for each vehicle on the Temporary Carry-In/Carry-Out Application.
    • A separate building elevator coordination operator fee may apply when a large amount of equipment or heavy equipment is carried in or out.
    • Please inform us if you will be carrying in heavy objects (roughly 100 kg or more). You may be requested to put up wall protection such as plastic wall protectors.
  2. Step 2


    Park your vehicle in the parking bay indicated by the staff and present your permit at the Logistics Management Center reception desk. You will be given a security card for elevator access to your floor and a worker arm band.

    Use the E2 elevator to carry equipment to/from your floor.

  3. Step 3

    After completing work

    After you have completed carry-in or carry-out, return your security card and arm band to the Logistics Management Center.

    Requests and important information

    • Vehicles cannot be left in the parking area for unloading. If there is work that must be performed in the building, move your vehicle from the unloading parking area to the general parking area after you finish carry-in or carry-out. (330 yen/30 min)

Parking area

Drive from the Tameike Intersection towards Roppongi and turn left after approximately 40 meters. Follow the signage to reach the parking area.
[Parking garage - standard vehicles/high-roof vehicles] Maximum vehicle height: 3,200 mm, Maximum vehicle length: 6,700 mm, Maximum vehicle width: 2,400 mm
※Please note that some parking bays only accommodate vehicles up to 2.9 m tall. Take care when parking.
//- 白いロゴ