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Below are the answers to questions we are frequently asked by our customers regarding our services.


Can we check room availability from the AICC website?

Room availability information is not posted on our website. Please inquire by phone, email, or via our Inquiry Form.

How do I make a reservation?

Simply send your Usage Application by email or fax to make a reservation. An AICC staff member will send you a Usage Application form upon request.

How many years in advance can I make a reservation?

As a general rule, you can make reservations up to one year in advance. (On April 1 of each year, we release the schedule for the period from April 1 of the following year to March 31 of the year after the following year. )

How long can a room be tentatively reserved for?

Rooms can be tentatively reserved for one week from the tentative reservation date.

Does a cancellation fee apply when cancelling a tentative reservation?

No cancellation fees apply for tentative reservation cancellations.

When do cancellation fees apply?

Your reservations will be considered finalized when we receive your usage application. A cancellation fee applies when cancelling a finalized reservation.

How long before the reservation time can I enter the room?

As a general rule, it is not possible to enter the room before the reservation time, but if you have a special request, you may enter the room 10 minutes before the reservation time. An extension fee will apply if you enter the room earlier than that.

Can we see rooms in advance?

You are free to see rooms at any time if no other customers are using them. We can inform you of room availability, so do not hesitate to ask.

Pricing and business hours

Is the pricing different for weekdays and weekends/holidays?

Prices do not vary by day.

How can I pay?

After finalizing your reservation, we will mail you a deposit billing statement (for the entire site usage fee). Please deposit the full amount into the specified bank account. After the event ends, we will mail a billing statement for usage fees other than the deposit.

Can I pay by credit card?

As a general rule, payment is to be performed by bank deposit, but credit card payment may be possible, so please consult with us.

Can rooms be used late at night or early in the morning?

Yes, they can. Please note that extension fees apply to late night and early morning use. Also, note that at some times of the day, the building entry and exit routes may be different than normal. Please ask a staff member for details.

Information about access and the surrounding area

How do I get to the AICC from the nearest station?

Leave Tameikesanno Station on the Tokyo Metro Ginza or Namboku Lines via Exit 9. Cross the Tameike intersection and turn right. You can enter the building from the 1st floor entry area. There is also an underground passage that connects directly from the station, so you can enter from the B1 entrance by using Exit 14. (Barrier-free) Tameikesanno Station is also connected by a connecting passage to Kokkaigijidomae Station on the Tokyo Metro Chiyoda and Marunouchi Lines.

Are there any convenience stores nearby?

There is a Lawson convenience store on the B1 floor of Akasaka Intercity AIR. * The Lawson is closed on Sundays and national holidays, so please use other nearby convenience stores.

What is the closest JR station?

◇JR Yamanote Line, Keihin Tohoku Line, etc.: Two stations (three minutes) from Shimbashi Station via the Ginza Line. ◇ JR Chuo Line: Two stations (three minutes) from Yotsuya Station via the Namboku Line.

Are there any recommended restaurants for lunch?

There are restaurants and cafes on the first floor and the B1 floor of Akasaka Intercity AIR. Please see the Surrounding Area page for details.
Surrounding Area page

Facilities and equipment

Do rooms have internet access?

All rooms have free Internet access. There are also free wireless LANs in each room.

What types of free facilities and equipment are available?

We offer a rich range of free facilities and equipment, such as microphones, podiums, emcee stands, stages, whiteboards, hanger racks, and garbage cans. This page details our free facilities and equipment.

Can you set up the tables, chairs, etc., for us?

Rest assured, we handle the basic room setup in advance. Please consult with us regarding the desired layout in advance.

Are there any procedures required to access the room? When the event ends, do I need to restore the layout to its original condition?

You do not need to sign in to enter or leave the room, but please let the third floor reception staff know when arriving or leaving. You do not need to restore the room to its original condition when your event ends.

Food and beverage service

Are food and drinks allowed in rooms?

Yes, they are.

Can we bring our own box lunches and drinks?

Event organizers may not bring in food or drinks. Please feel free to ask us about our variety of food and beverage services. If there are any special food or beverage considerations, please let us know in advance. There are no restrictions on event participants bringing in their own food or drinks.

Can you arrange catering?

We can arrange catering to meet your needs and requests, from box lunch and beverages to social get-togethers. Don't hesitate to inquire.

I'd like to hold a get together. Is a sample menu available?

A sample menu is available as an example of a possible menu. We create optimized, customized plans based on your budget and objectives, so please feel free to consult with us.
Sample Menu

Other questions

Can a reception desk be set up outside the conference room?

There are some rooms where this is possible. Please ask our staff in advance. Some conference rooms have their own dedicated reception desks.

Can we print out or copy materials at the site?

A photocopier area is available near the 3rd floor reception counter (usage fees apply). Please ask a staff member if you wish to use this equipment.

How should garbage be handled?

Please feel free to use the garbage cans in the conference room. If there is a large amount of garbage, please take it with you.

We are going to hold a multi-day event. Can we leave our belongings in the room?

You are free to leave belongings other than valuables in the room.

Where are the staff?

The 3rd floor conference office is staffed at all times. If you wish to speak to a staff member, feel free to speak to the 3rd floor reception staff. You can also call staff using the internal phone you will be provided with.

Is there a cloakroom?

There is no permanent cloakroom in the conference center. The closest coin-operated lockers can be found in Tokyo Metro Tameikesanno Station.

Are there any smoking rooms in the building?

There are two smoking rooms, one on the 3rd floor and one on the 4th floor of the conference center.


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