Three key features
Detailed and attentive support, from preliminary preparations to event wrap-up
Feature 1
Consistent support for customers through our 'one customer, one manager' system
Staff are assigned to customers on a permanent basis. This means that a single staff member offers total support for all event operations, not only for reservation reception and meetings, but also for all dispatching, operation, and event day support.
Feature 2
Warm, attentive support that ensures that your events are successes
Dedicated event staff will provide support at all times on the day of your event. Staff will provide detailed explanations about how to operate equipment and other matters. The staff will be available at all times in the office, located within the facility, to handle any problems or changes that may arise, so you can rest at ease.
Feature 3
Friendly, hospitable staff
Our staff are always helpful and supportive, communicating working closely with customers and providing advice, so you'll want to work with them again and again.
Technical staff
Technical staff with audio, video, and lighting expertise are available at all times
On the day of your event, a dedicated conference coordinator will provide an explanation of all the equipment that will be used in your event.
He or she will explain how to use audio, lighting, and video equipment, and provide assistance so that you can feel at ease, even if it is your first event at AICC.

Feel free to contact us to check on room availability or to see the room

We provided extensive, detailed services so you can feel at ease, even if it is your first time hosting an event
Dedicated conference coordinators provide advice about the services that would be perfect for your event, dispelling any worries or concerns you may have and helping ensure your event is successful.
  1. Step 1Before the event
  2. Step 2The day of the event
  3. Step 3After the event
  1. Step 1

    Before the event

    First, check on room availability and consult regarding the content of your event by phone or using our inquiry form (rooms may not be available for some events depending on room uses, event contents, etc.).
    After making a tentative reservation and concluding a usage agreement, pay your deposit (the entire site usage fee). Then meet with AICC staff to discuss details such as layout, equipment, catering, order placement, etc. before the event.

    Layout diagram creation
    Equipment and supply arrangement
    Catering arrangement
    Site setup
    Receiving of articles sent in advance
    Arrangement of simultaneous interpretation equipment
    Floral decoration arrangement
    Hanging sign/banner arrangement
    Online conference system arrangement
    Emcee, reception, and catering serving staff arrangement
  2. Step 2

    The day of the event

    Check the event site and supplies. A dedicated conference coordinator will be on-site at all times, so consult with him or her regarding any concerns or issues, great or small.

    Pre-event meeting.
    Explanation of equipment and facility usage methods
    Assistance connecting computers and projectors
    Provision of catering
    Site switching support
  3. Step 3

    After the event - Settlement of additional expenses

    Pay facility and equipment usage fees, catering fees, and other additional expenses by direct deposit within 15 days of the conclusion of your event.

    Tables and chairs may be left as-is
    Article shipping
    Prompt issuing of billing statement
    次回ご使用時に 今回の内容を反映のアイコン
    Reflection of contents of event in future events
    No signature is required when the event ends
Frequently Asked Questions
Here are some questions we frequently receive regarding our services
Is applying to use a conference room difficult?
All you need to do is fill out a single form. (The form can be submitted by email or by fax. )
How many minutes before the event can I enter the room?
The doors will be unlocked 10 minutes before the reservation time. Please note that reservation times include setup and cleanup times.
What types of free facilities and equipment are available?
We offer a wide range of free facilities and equipment, such as podiums, emcee podiums, stages, whiteboards, hanger racks, and garbage cans.
Do rooms have internet access?
All rooms have free Internet access. There are also free wireless LANs in each room.
What should I do if I encounter problems during the event?
There are staff in the office on the same floor as the event, so call them via the internal phone.
Where is there signage indicating how to get to the site?
There are signs in the underground passage that connects directly to the train station, the 1st floor elevator hall, and the 8th floor hall, so the AICC is easy to find even for first-time visitors.


Feel free to contact us to check on room availability or with any questions about our facility

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PDFs of AICC and room diagrams, power outlet layouts, etc.

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