Features of AICC

Use our refined rooms and full range of services to host memorable events
We are proud of the sophistication of our conference rooms, with the atmosphere of a luxury hotel, and our detailed and attentive services. You can rely on us when you want to hold events attended by VIPs, such as large international conferences.

Rooms & Price

Extensive track record of providing reasonably priced rental spaces
Rooms and pricing
rooms and price
Common Area
An entrance and relaxation lounge that are perfect for welcoming VIPs
Common areas
common area
Free beverages and snacks for even greater guest satisfaction
Kiosk (snack and beverage service)
Extensive free facilities and interior décor that helps users maintain their concentration
Facilities and equipment
Directly connected to Tameikesanno Station and Kokkaigijidomae Station, so guests can stay dry on rainy days
Access and information about the surrounding area
The considerate care of our site operation professionals reduces the burden placed on you
Usage examples
Accommodations for a wide range of needs, from international and academic conferences to small-scale events

AICC has a proven track record with a broad range of events, from international and academic conferences attended by hundreds of experts from around the world (such as lecture meetings for medical professionals) to internal corporate meetings for companies with dozens of employees.

Support system
Our joy comes from making your events successful


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